Outer professional relations

The introduction of the active, functioning, outer professional relations of Varga Katalin Secondary School


  1. Daily connection with the primary- and secondary schools of Szolnok Education District Centre (Szolnoki Tankerületi Központ)
  2. Connection with other Talent Points as an outstanding accredited Talent Point
  3. The school is a member of the national range network of Bilingual Schools Society
  4. The school is a member of the national range network of Arany János Talent Care Program
  5. On the basis of the „Öveges” laboratory science project there is contractual relations with 12 primary schools for the realization period (one year) and also for the maintenance period (five years) of the project
  6. The school is a member of the Hungarian network consisted of 12 schools of the Model European Parliament (MEP)
  7. Professional relation with Szolnok Pedagogy Education Centre in order to organize county educational competitions in 2017 such as German, drawing and mother tongue competition
  8. The school is a member of the national range network of Money Compass (Pénziránytű) Schools
  9. Contract with Nyíregyháza University (providing teaching experience for novice teachers) and contract with Eszterházy Károly University (the individual support of former AJTP students after the secondary school baccalaureate exams)
  10. Partner school contract with Semmelweis Medical University
  11. Agreement contract with 133 non-profit organizations in order to carry out the 50 hour public service requirement
  12. Permanent connection with the Psychology Department of Debrecen University in the sake of performing the AJTP measuring
  13. Connection with the Government Office (for performing the advanced school-leaving examinations)
  14. Connection with Szolnok Sport School and with other clubs for matching the school education and the sport career of talented sport players
  15. Connection with the JNKSZ County Pedagogical Consultant Service for the integrated education of students with special needs
  16. Cooperation with Albert Einstein Gymnasium (Reutlingen, Germany), Kent School of English (Broadstairs, England), Brussels European Union School (Belgium), secondary school ín Maarsen (Netherlands), Kopernik Liceum (Poland), Vaskavuori Lukio (Vantaa, Finland)